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Who we are

Matching Ventures is a joint-venture of Gestluz and Venture Catalysts aiming at becoming the reference fundraising catalysts to match the needs of companies and investors in Portugal.

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Ricardo Luz
Co-Founder and Partner

Founder of GestluzInvicta Angels and FNABA. Board Member of EBAN and member of the Fiscal Council of 321 Crédito. A former member of the Board of Directors at Instituição Financeira de Desenvolvimento where he led the Equity Fund of Funds and the financing lines for Business Angels and Venture Capital. 

Worked at BPI Private Banking and BPA/Corretora Atlântico.

Ricardo holds a degree in Economics from FEP, a Master in Sustainability in Cranfield, UK and a Post-Graduation in Political Journalism from UCP.

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Hugo Ramos
Co-Founder and Partner

Founder of Venture Catalysts, Abyssal and Immunethep.

Former Associate at Change Partners where he led investments and served in the board of several companies. Former responsible for the Equity and Quasi-Equity team of Instituição Financeira de Desenvolvimento, involved in the creation of Equity Fund of Funds and launching the lines of financing for Business Angels and Venture Capital.

Hugo holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from FEUP and an MBA from Porto Business School.

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